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$ 8,800,000.00 Jury Verdict Product Liability Case

$ 75,000,000.00 Settlement Product Liability Cases

$ 15,000,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 10,000,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 55,000,000.00 Settlement Product Liability Cases

$ 12,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Personal Injury Case

$ 12,000,000.00 Settlement Insurance Coverage Case

$ 10,000,000.00 Judgment Personal Injury Case

$ 2,200,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Pharmaceutical Case

$ 4,400,000.00 Jury Verdict Personal Injury Case

$ 30,000,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 3,750,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 6,800,000.00 Jury Verdict Employment Case

$ 1,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Employment Case

Why Hire an Accident Lawyer in Kansas City?

If you have suffered an accident in Kansas City or someone you know has been involved in an accident you will be familiar with the massive impact it can have on that person’s daily life. The smallest of tasks suddenly become impossible.

The accident can have a range of consequences on their life and on their family’s life too. They might not be able to work, they might face huge medical bills, live in constant pain or be unable to perform the most basic tasks. They might be facing severe physical injuries as well as emotional injuries that stop them from getting on with their lives.

If someone has been involved in an accident that was not their own fault then they deserve to be compensated for those things that have changed in their life after the accident. That is where you want to look for an accident lawyer in Kansas City who can help you with your claim and get on with your life.

When searching for a Kansas City accident lawyer there are a few things that you can look for. You want the best accident lawyer in Kansas City so it helps to look for the following traits:

Accident lawyers should have experience working in personal injury

It is important when you are looking for an accident lawyer in Kansas City that they have experience in both handling and winning personal injury cases in Kansas City. It is one thing to say you can handle a personal injury claim but you want to look for that accident lawyer’s experience. Check out their website and read up on the law firm’s accident lawyers in Kansas City.

The Kansas City accident lawyers should also be experienced in a range of accident and personal injury claims. Whether you have been involved in a car accident, railroad accident, product liability or premises liability incident your Kansas City accident lawyer needs to know how to handle that case.

And while experience isn’t everything it is important. You want to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your accident lawyer in Kansas City is capable of seeing your case through the claims process. Someone with experience and knowledge of personal injury law in Missouri and Kansas is a lot more likely to be able to handle your claim smoothly through the settlement process or in the courts, if it comes to that.

Your accident lawyer should be licensed to practice in Kansas City

If you are filing an accident claim in Kansas City is very important that your accident lawyer is licensed to practice in Kansas City – in either Missouri or Kansas, depending on which side of the border you are on. The accident lawyer should have a good deal of experience practicing in that jurisdiction and handling accident claims.

This is an important point as personal injury laws vary substantially between states in the U.S. So if you are pursuing an accident case in Kansas City then you want to be absolutely certain that your accident lawyer knows the law in that state and is familiar with how that state’s legal procedures work.

Your accident lawyer should have achieved successful outcomes for the past clients

It helps if your accident lawyer in Kansas City has not only taken on personal injury cases but has been able to reach successful settlements and verdicts for their clients. You can check out this information on their website if it is available or, if not, call the law firm directly and ask them to provide their accident lawyers’ results.

Any team of accident lawyers who have managed to reach successful outcomes for their clients as well as compensation will be only too happy to share this information with you, as a potential client. Any Kansas City law firm who is reluctant to provide you with their accident lawyers’ list of verdicts is probably advisable to stay clear of.

It helps if accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis

Depending on your financial situation, it will certainly help if your Kansas City accident lawyer is able to provide their services on a contingency fee basis. Luckily, there are accident lawyers in Kansas City who work on a contingency fee basis. If you are fighting for compensation, chances are you might not have the funds needed to hire an accident lawyer.

How the contingency fee system works is that you do not pay anything upfront unless you receive compensation in your accident case. A percentage of that compensation is then given to the Kansas City accident lawyer, usually agreed upon at the start of the process. This percentage is only awarded if your Kansas City accident lawyer manages to achieve compensation for you. If do not receive compensation then you do not have to pay anything at all to your Kansas City accident lawyer.

Hire a Kansas City accident lawyer from Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C.

The accident lawyers at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C., based in Kansas City, have all the qualities listed above and many more. We will be able to handle your accident claim in either Kansas or Missouri.

You can have a read of how our accident lawyers at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. are able to provide you with professional advice and competent representation of your Kansas City accident case in this article on Experienced Accident Lawyers in Kansas City.

So do not delay and sign up for a free consultation with one of our experienced Kansas City accident lawyers. We will provide you with advice on your case and let you know if we can take on your accident case. So call us today to find out if we will be able to represent you.

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