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$ 8,800,000.00 Jury Verdict Product Liability Case

$ 75,000,000.00 Settlement Product Liability Cases

$ 15,000,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 10,000,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 55,000,000.00 Settlement Product Liability Cases

$ 12,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Personal Injury Case

$ 12,000,000.00 Settlement Insurance Coverage Case

$ 10,000,000.00 Judgment Personal Injury Case

$ 2,200,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Pharmaceutical Case

$ 4,400,000.00 Jury Verdict Personal Injury Case

$ 30,000,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 3,750,000.00 Settlement Personal Injury Case

$ 6,800,000.00 Jury Verdict Employment Case

$ 1,000,000.00 Jury Verdict Employment Case

Blog Posts in 2012

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Why Hiring a Sexual Harassment Attorney in Missouri is So Important

There are many ways that sexual harassment occurs in Missouri. It is particularly common in workplaces and can be used in a threatening or malicious way or without any intent at all. The one thing ...
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How to File a Yasmin Lawsuit

If you have received an injury after taking birth control pill Yasmin, then you will want to file a Yasmin lawsuit to compensate you for the damaging toll the drug has taken on your body. The injuries ...
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Injury Law Lawyers in Kansas City

As the victim of an accident in Kansas City, it is most likely time to involve the law to claim compensation for your injuries. There is no time like the present to get a Kansas City injury law lawyer ...
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Paxil Baby Dangers

Have you recently discovered that Paxil is the cause of your baby’s problems? Were you unaware that taking the antidepressant Paxil while pregnant could have an effect on your baby? It might be ...
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Missouri Product Liability Law Firm

If you or someone in your family has been injured by a product that you purchased in Missouri then you need to think about finding a Missouri product liability law firm. If you used the product as ...
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Born with a Lexapro Heart Defect?

Having a child born with a heart defect is a curse that most parents hope never to have to bear. What if you then found out that this dreaded situation was preventable? That is what has happened with ...
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Did You Receive Fosamax Warnings?

If you did not receive the appropriate Fosamax warnings before taking the drug – prescribed to people suffering from osteoporosis, prophylaxis or Paget’s disease – and suffered a ...
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File a Kansas City Motorcycle Lawsuit

There are many reasons to file a Kansas City motorcycle lawsuit. You need to claim financial compensation for the injuries you received and seek justice for the wrongs committed against you. The ...
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Missouri Discrimination Case

Discrimination continues to plague many employees in Missouri. Whether it affects their general happiness in the workplace, or it has affected their being hired or promoted or even being fired, they ...
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Has the Vaginal Mesh Recall Affected You?

The women who have had a vaginal mesh implanted have been victim to some absolutely devastating side effects and injuries which not only has led to the vaginal mesh recall but to emotional trauma and ...
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Find Personal Injury Attorneys in Kansas

Are you on the lookout for personal injury attorneys in Kansas? Well, then, you have come to the right place. At Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. we have personal injury attorneys in Kansas with the ...
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Depuy Hip Surgery

Are you one of the many Americans who have suffered serious side effects after having Depuy hip surgery ? Like one of these people you are probably also thinking about filing a lawsuit to claim ...
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Missouri Wrongful Death Settlements

If you are claiming a lawsuit on behalf of a loved one in Missouri then there are many reasons why you might opt for a wrongful death settlement. The first thing it is important to remember is that ...
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Paxil Birth Defects - A Serious Concern

Depression is a serious illness and many people turn to antidepressants such as Paxil in order to cope. Many women suffer depression while pregnant and antidepressants may be prescribed. But what if ...
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Car Crash Attorneys in Kansas City

If you have been left injured, the victim of a car crash in Kansas City, then you need to get in contact with a car crash attorney in Kansas City. The car crash might have let you with minor injuries ...
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File a Fosamax Bone Lawsuit

Have you suffered a Fosamax bone break ? Like many who took the drug, which is supposed to help people with osteoporosis, prophylaxis and Paget’s disease, you may be shocked to have discovered ...
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Replacement Hip Failure - What Should You Do?

Are you a victim of replacement hip failure ? Are you not sure what steps to take if your replacement hips has failed and you are looking at costly medical expenses? You have come to the right place. ...
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Missouri Brain Injury Lawyers

If you or someone you know has sustained a brain injury after being involved in an accident in Missouri then you will need to get in touch with a Missouri brain injury lawyer. This is not just a ...
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Filing Yaz Lawsuits

Across the US, many Yaz lawsuits have been filed in order to help women who took the birth control pill deal with the damaging effects the drug had on their health. Blood clots are the main complaints ...
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Zoloft Babies Harmed - Seek Legal Help

How many babies have been affected by Zoloft? Unfortunately, a lot more than the manufacturer of the antidepressant, Pfizer, would like to admit. But the case stands that many babies in the US and ...
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KC Personal Injury Attorneys

No one knows better about the pain, the suffering and the desperate need for financial support than the KC personal injury attorneys at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. More than that, we understand that ...
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Why You Might Need a Kansas Age Discrimination Attorney

Have you been turned down for a job in Kansas because you were told you were too young or too old? Or do you feel that your firing or inability to move up at a Kansas workplace is related to your age? ...
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File an Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Are you one of the many women who received an Avaulta vaginal mesh due to urinal incontinence or pelvic prolapse? Were you unaware that the Avaulta vaginal mesh held some quiet devastating and ...
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Missouri Auto Injury Attorney - What Can They Do For You?

After any type of automobile accident in Missouri, a Missouri auto injury attorney is going to be your lifesaver in terms of getting you back on the road to financial recovery and, in turn, improving ...
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Prozac Birth Defects

Many US citizens are prescribed Prozac for a variety of reasons, whether they are severely depressed, mildly depressed or in serious risk of attempting suicide. The antidepressant has become all too ...
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