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Effexor Birth Defect Lawyers

Of all the antidepressants on the US market, Effexor has one of the highest risks of causing birth defects in the children of pregnant women who take the drug. So if you are or were pregnant and were prescribed Effexor you are probably wanting to know why.

If your baby has already shown signs of some of the birth defects mentioned below or if you have miscarried then this will be an even greater distress to you. That is why if you have experienced any problems but were unaware of the risks of taking the antidepressant while pregnant then you should contact one of the Effexor birth defect lawyers at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C.

We are here to help any women who may have experienced a side effect of Effexor. To get you started on making an Effexor birth defect claim, here is a bit of information about the drug and its link to birth defects.

Effexor doubles the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women

Antidepressant Effexor has been shown to have a number of side effects in pregnant women who take the drug, more specifically in birth defects in their newborn babies. But a new study has now found that the risk of miscarriage doubles in women who take Effexor early in their pregnancies.

In the study, antidepressants such as Effexor, Lexapro, Celexa, Prozac and Zoloft were found to have a 68% higher risk of miscarriage in women taking one of the drugs in the first trimester of their pregnancy. The study also found that Effexor was one of the antidepressants that carried the highest risk.

The researchers believe the miscarriages are related to malformations of essential organs in the babies, which has clear links to those children who were born with birth defects after their mothers took Effexor during pregnancy. Some of the birth defects that have been linked to the drug include heart defects, lung defects, infant omphalocele (abdominal wall defects), club foot, craniosynostosis (an abnormally shaped skull), cleft lip and cleft palate.

Why hire an Effexor birth defect lawyer from Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C.?

If you took Effexor while your were pregnant then it is very likely that you were unaware of the potentially deadly side effects it could have on your newborn baby. Now, instead of enjoying the normal aspects of raising a child, you may be fighting to save the child’s life.

With an Effexor birth defect lawyer you can get the legal support you need to take your case before a court if necessary. Of course, the first thing you will need to do with your case is assess whether it is worth claiming. At Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C., our Effexor birth defect lawyers have plenty of experience examining medical malpractice claims and evaluating whether there is enough evidence to pursue the case.

With an Effexor birth defect lawyer from Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. you will not be dragged through the court system, costing you time and money, not to mention the emotional consequences, with a claim that was never very likely to succeed. Instead you will get expert representation from an attorney that has thoroughly checked your Effexor birth defect case and believes in its chances of winning compensation for you and your family.

What effects does Effexor have on newborn babies?

If you have been prescribed Effexor by a doctor while you were pregnant and were not advised of the risks then you have reason to seek compensation. Effexor’s pregnancy rating is Category C according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) category classification. This category classifies medicines that have not been studied on pregnant women but showed side effects on fetuses in animals.

Babies of animals that took the drug experienced lack of oxygen in the blood, difficulties feeding, and seizures. There have since been reports of birth defects occurring in human babies after they were exposed to Effexor during pregnancy. These babies experienced similar birth defects, as well as tremors, constant crying, irritability and heart defects.

Talk to the Effexor birth defect lawyers at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C.

It is absolutely crucial that if you are taking Effexor while pregnant that you are aware of the risks and have assessed the risks of not taking the drug versus taking the drug and made an educated decision. However, if you have not been made aware of the dangers then you must contact an Effexor birth defect lawyer at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C.

Our Effexor birth defect lawyers will thoroughly examine your case and advise what we believe to be your best course of action. We have lots of experience in medical malpractice cases and we know what it takes to represent clients who have taken antidepressants while pregnant, more specifically. We always keep up-to-date on the latest developments around Effexor and birth defects in order to be as informed as possible when helping our clients.

To find out more information about the work that our Effexor birth defect lawyers at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. do to help their clients who have taken the drug while pregnant and whose babies have been born with birth defects, have a read of this article entitled Find experienced Effexor birth defect lawyers.

You can also give us a call at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. at any time for more information or to arrange a time to speak to one of our Effexor birth defect lawyers in a free consultation.

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