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Contact an Injury Accident Lawyer in Missouri

Not every accident in Missouri causes an injury just as not every accident is the fault of another party. However, if you are in the position of being in an accident that was caused by someone else and you were injured then you need to contact a Missouri injury accident lawyer.

There are any number of accidents that may have caused the injury and we will get to some of those briefly. The first thing you need to think about if you were injured and you believe someone else is responsible is discuss your case with a Missouri injury accident lawyer. They will be able to advise you whether you have a case worth filing in Missouri and what are the steps to go about claiming.

There are a number of reasons why you might not have a claim. These include:

  • You were at fault for the accident.
  • It is not clear who the other party is.
  • You were not injured.

In some cases, the Missouri injury accident lawyer might be able to discover who the other party was even if you are unsure and this will involve careful investigation on the part of the lawyer. In other cases it might not be the party you had originally thought and this again will be able to be determined by the Missouri injury accident lawyer.

For example, you might have thought the accident was the fault of another driver when in fact it was caused by a construction company who left the road in ill repair without warning signs. Of course, there are a number of accidents you might have been involved in that have led you to contact a Missouri injury accident lawyer. We have detailed just a few of these below.

Work accident injury

One reason to contact a Missouri injury accident lawyer is if you have been involved in an accident due to poor occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations at your workplace. Perhaps the OHS guidelines have not been followed by your employer and this has somehow led to you having an injury.

If this is the case then you should contact a Missouri injury accident lawyer to see what course of action you should take. It will need to be proven by your Missouri injury accident lawyer that the workplace was responsible for the accident and consequent injury, whether that was due to failing to follow OHS guidelines as outlined by the state of Missouri, or of properly informing employees of such guidelines, for example the fire safety procedures to follow.

Vehicle accident injury

One of the most common injury accident claims that we see is Missouri vehicle accidents. Vehicle accidents happen all the time in Missouri and unfortunately sometimes people are injured as a result of an accident. When it turns out that another party was at fault - whether this was another driver, a mechanic, the Council, or the road construction company - then you have the right to contact a Missouri injury accident lawyer.

Find an injury accident lawyer who has experience in representing clients who have filed similar claims to the one you are filing. Some of the types of vehicle accidents that you might have been involved in include truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents, train accidents, bicycle accidents, or pedestrian accidents.

Each of these accidents incorporates different claiming processes and different thinking on the part of your Missouri injury accident lawyer. So talk to a Missouri injury accident lawyer about your specific claim today.

Product liability accident injury

Another type of accident you might have been involved in is a product liability accident. This occurs when a product that you have bought causes an injury to yourself or someone you know because it is faulty or defective or damaged or did not include appropriate warning labels.

These types of claims can be tricky so it is crucial that you find a Missouri injury accident lawyer who is highly experienced in filing product liability claims and has won cases for former clients.

There are a number of steps that the product goes through before it reaches the customer so your Missouri injury accident lawyer will have to work out if the faulty product is the responsibility of the distributor, manufacturer or perhaps the store that sold it to you. Talk to your Missouri injury accident lawyer for more information about product liability law in Missouri.

Premises liability accident injury

Your injury might have taken place on a private property. This might have been at a private home or at a shopping center, restaurant or cinema, for example. If you are injured and it turns out that the accident was the result of a hazard that the owner or manager of the property was either aware of or placed on purpose then you need to contact a Missouri injury accident lawyer.

It might have been that the owner knew about the hazard but failed to do anything about it or left it on purpose. They might even be charged with negligence.

If you need help with an injury accident claim in Missouri then you should talk to the Missouri injury accident lawyers at personal injury law firm Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. We have more than 15 years’ experience in personal injury law in Missouri and are fully qualified to handle your claim.

For more information on what our Missouri injury accident lawyers can do for you, read this article entitled Missouri Injury Accident Lawyers For All Accidents.

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