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Born with a Lexapro Heart Defect?

Having a child born with a heart defect is a curse that most parents hope never to have to bear. What if you then found out that this dreaded situation was preventable? That is what has happened with many women who took antidepressant Lexapro while pregnant.

These parents have then had to deal with Lexapro heart defects in their newborn child, often never knowing that the risk of a heart problem was even possible. If you, your baby and your family are victims to Lexapro heart defects then you must get in contact with a Lexapro heart defect lawyer.

You should not have to suffer the consequences of something you were never aware of without receiving the appropriate compensation. That is where a Lexapro heart defect lawyer comes in. It is their job to see to it that you are compensated for the pain and suffering you have been victim to as well as monetary expenses you have been forced to pay both now - such as hospital bills and time taken off work - and into the future, such as future care for your baby.

This is why you need a Lexapro heart defect lawyer to help you out. But first have a read of just how the Lexapro heart defects situation came about.

About Lexapro

Lexapro is an antidepressant manufactured by Forest Laboratories and is used to treat depression and anxiety disorders. It has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is used to trigger increased levels of serotonin in patients in order to regulate their mood.

In 2009, the US Justice Department charged Forest Laboratories with defrauding the government of millions of dollars by illegally marketing Lexapro and another antidepressant Celexa for use in children and teenagers. Prosecutors also claimed the Lexapro manufacturers provided kickbacks to physicians who prescribed the drugs.

If your concern relates to being prescribed Lexapro by a physician without receiving any warnings of the risks of Lexapro heart defects in your unborn baby then you must contact a Lexapro heart defect lawyer immediately.

Lexapro and heart problems in newborns

Studies show that there is a link between women who took Lexapro while pregnant and a condition called Infant Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension (IPPH) that can affect newborn babies. The condition alters blood flow through the heart and lungs and this stops babies from getting enough oxygen through their veins. IPPH can be fatal on newborns which is why you must absolutely be warned of any risks related to Lexapro heart defects.

Studies have shown that babies of women who take Lexapro in their third trimester have a chance six times higher of developing IPPH. Do not let your baby suffer a Lexapro heart defect without claiming compensation. Contact a Lexapro heart defect lawyer immediately if you have been ill-informed by your doctor or feel that the manufacturer of Lexapro is to blame for failing to provide appropriate warnings to physicians.

What the studies show on Lexapro

Studies have shown that Lexapro stays in the breast milk of women who took Lexapro while they were pregnant. While this does not relate directly to Lexapro heart problems in the baby, according to the studies it can have other effects on babies who are breastfeeding, such as weight loss, sleepiness and problems feeding.

If you have not been informed about the potential for problems in your newborn baby at any time while pregnant or breastfeeding that relate to taking Lexapro when pregnant then you must get in touch with a Lexapro heart defect lawyer.

The Lexapro heart defect lawyers at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. are more than happy to go through your case and see how strong your claim against the manufacturers of Lexapro or a prescribing doctor is whether your baby has suffered a Lexapro heart defect or any other birth defect.

To find out more information about how the Lexapro heart defect lawyers at Ketchmark and McCreight, P.C. can help you through this difficult time, contact us today and arrange to speak to one of our Lexapro heart defect lawyers in person. We will be more than happy to arrange a free and confidential session so you can see if your particular case merits claiming.

You may also wish to have a read of this informative article about the work that our Lexapro heart defect lawyers do in handling your case that we have prepared especially. It is entitled Lexapro Heart Defect Lawyers.

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