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How to File a Yasmin Lawsuit

If you have received an injury after taking birth control pill Yasmin, then you will want to file a Yasmin lawsuit to compensate you for the damaging toll the drug has taken on your body. The injuries ...
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Paxil Baby Dangers

Have you recently discovered that Paxil is the cause of your baby’s problems? Were you unaware that taking the antidepressant Paxil while pregnant could have an effect on your baby? It might be ...
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Born with a Lexapro Heart Defect?

Having a child born with a heart defect is a curse that most parents hope never to have to bear. What if you then found out that this dreaded situation was preventable? That is what has happened with ...
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Did You Receive Fosamax Warnings?

If you did not receive the appropriate Fosamax warnings before taking the drug – prescribed to people suffering from osteoporosis, prophylaxis or Paget’s disease – and suffered a ...
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Has the Vaginal Mesh Recall Affected You?

The women who have had a vaginal mesh implanted have been victim to some absolutely devastating side effects and injuries which not only has led to the vaginal mesh recall but to emotional trauma and ...
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Depuy Hip Surgery

Are you one of the many Americans who have suffered serious side effects after having Depuy hip surgery ? Like one of these people you are probably also thinking about filing a lawsuit to claim ...
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Paxil Birth Defects - A Serious Concern

Depression is a serious illness and many people turn to antidepressants such as Paxil in order to cope. Many women suffer depression while pregnant and antidepressants may be prescribed. But what if ...
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File a Fosamax Bone Lawsuit

Have you suffered a Fosamax bone break ? Like many who took the drug, which is supposed to help people with osteoporosis, prophylaxis and Paget’s disease, you may be shocked to have discovered ...
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Replacement Hip Failure - What Should You Do?

Are you a victim of replacement hip failure ? Are you not sure what steps to take if your replacement hips has failed and you are looking at costly medical expenses? You have come to the right place. ...
Continue reading "Replacement Hip Failure - What Should You Do?" »

Filing Yaz Lawsuits

Across the US, many Yaz lawsuits have been filed in order to help women who took the birth control pill deal with the damaging effects the drug had on their health. Blood clots are the main complaints ...
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Zoloft Babies Harmed - Seek Legal Help

How many babies have been affected by Zoloft? Unfortunately, a lot more than the manufacturer of the antidepressant, Pfizer, would like to admit. But the case stands that many babies in the US and ...
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File an Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Are you one of the many women who received an Avaulta vaginal mesh due to urinal incontinence or pelvic prolapse? Were you unaware that the Avaulta vaginal mesh held some quiet devastating and ...
Continue reading "File an Avaulta Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit" »

Prozac Birth Defects

Many US citizens are prescribed Prozac for a variety of reasons, whether they are severely depressed, mildly depressed or in serious risk of attempting suicide. The antidepressant has become all too ...
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File a Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuit

Many women in the US take birth control pills, including Yasmin, for a variety of reasons. The pills are a highly effective birth control method that can also help control PMS symptoms, painful ...
Continue reading "File a Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuit" »

Dupuy Hip Recall - Everything You Need to Know

The Dupuy hip recall is a sad example of where an untested product can go very wrong. What is even worse about this particular example is that it seems that the manufacturer DePuy Orthopaedics and its ...
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Time to Talk to a Fosamax Lawyer

Imagine taking a drug suggested by your doctor for a particular problem only to find out that the drug has made the problem much worse. Unfortunately this happens more often than we would like to ...
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About the Transvaginal Mesh Recall

Any woman who has experienced urinary incontinence or pelvic prolapse will know that the suggestion they have a transvaginal mesh installed by their doctor is not something they would ever have ...
Continue reading "About the Transvaginal Mesh Recall" »

Johnson and Johnson Hip Recall

Hip replacement surgery is very common in the US. Most people who go in for surgery are unlikely to ask what make of hip is going to be implanted or even if there are chances that the hip could fail ...
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File a Zoloft Baby Lawsuit

Finding out that your baby has been born with birth defects is every new parent’s nightmare. Finding out that the birth defects may be a result of a drug taken during pregnancy – namely ...
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Vaginal Mesh Implant Side Effects

More than 1000 reports of vaginal mesh implant side effects were reported in a space of three years, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Are you one of the many women who has ...
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Paxil Heart Defect Cases

There are many reasons why you might decide to make a Paxil claim. One of the most heartbreaking of all of these reasons is that your newborn baby has been born with a heart defect after you took the ...
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Why to File a Pradaxa Lawsuit

If you have suffered blood clots in the past or have a particularly high risk of developing a blood clot then you might have been prescribed blood thinning drug Pradaxa. You may now have found out ...
Continue reading "Why to File a Pradaxa Lawsuit" »

DePuy Hip Replacement Recall - Have You Been Affected?

Every day in the US, people go into hospital for surgery. Replacement hip surgery is a necessity for many older Americans in particular. In fact, 93,000 people have had the DePuy replacement hip ...
Continue reading "DePuy Hip Replacement Recall - Have You Been Affected?" »

Find a Lawyer on Zoloft Birth Defects

There are a number of reasons why someone may choose to keep taking an antidepressant while pregnant. The mental health of the mother may be just as important in delivering a healthy baby as the ...
Continue reading "Find a Lawyer on Zoloft Birth Defects" »

Why Hire a Yasmin Lawyer

Women all around the world use birth control pills as a contraceptive method. In fact they are so common, that they are sometimes prescribed without checking medical history or assessing the risks of ...
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